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August 8, 2016

Two simple things that will help you communicate faster

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Discuss in real time

People love to say what they think. Especially when you ask them. However, the more people you involve, the messier the conversation gets.

Almost a year ago, we brought order and discipline into design related conversations by introducing Notes in the Avocode Manager. Today, we bringing this further by bringing the Notes to the Avocode App.

Check this: 👇🏼


Track every single change

Commenting on top of the design is just the beginning when you want to stay on top of things. Often you need to zoom out and see the bigger picture of what has happened.

Whenever someone adds a design, a revision or a comment in Avocode – you get notified via Slack or e-mail.

TIP: If you want to know how to set up Slack notification in Avocode, check out Section 5 of this article.

This is great for communication, but not so much tracking your processed in the past, since both of these tools keep all of your teams activity in one thread. We wanted to allow you more deep, micro-level tracking of your design workflow. To do that, we're introducing two major improvements in Avocode:

1) Numbered Threads

Would you like to refer to specific Notes in your design or see which one is the newest? Now you can. Whenever you create a new Note, be it in Avocode Manager or in the App, it will get a number in the order it was created in.

Notes are now chronologically numbered.The number of the Notes stands for the chronol

2) Activities Panel

Once you open a particular design in the new 2.9 Avocode app, look left on the sidebar. Do you see the little chart pictogram? When you click it, you'll see all of the changes, revisions and comments in a chronological order.

The sidebar in the design view is now resizable. Just grab it's edge with your mouse and pull it left or right to adjust the width.
FYI: There is one more improvement that will speed up your workflow. If you double click on any layer, the Export modal will instantly pop up.

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So... do you have some feedback for us?

Do you find these new features helpful? What else you could use to collaborate better in Avocode? Let us know in the comments below. Thank you. 🙏🏼

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