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August 3, 2016

This UI kit will get you started in Photoshop, Xd and Sketch

CMO & Co-founder @Avocode and a former Lead Front-end Developer and Co-founder @MadeBySource.

"I love numbers, Halusky and growing avocados."

Our number one job is to speed up your creative workflow. Today we'd like to give you something that will help you skip starting from scratch.

If you are a modern designer, have a taste of Guacamole, our 3-in-1 UI kit for Photoshop, Sketch, and Adobe Xd. It's filled with buttons, navbars, menus, listviews, color-palletes and more.

Oh yeah, and it's completely free.  

So what's inside?

Do you like Guacamole?

Let us know, how do you use it and how could we make our next UI kit better.

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Free 3-in-1 UI kit
Are you a modern designer with taste? Get Guacamole
- a free UI kit  for Adobe Xd, Photoshop and Sketch.
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