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October 18, 2016

Take a look into our office during the house-warming party

CEO & Co-founder of Avocode and a former Lead Product Designer & Co-founder @MadeBySource.

"I do my best to navigate our team and when no one's looking I do bartending."

In 1912, Bedřich Kovařovic and Josef Chochol built one of the modern architectonic jewels of Prague, a white cubist vila at the Vltava river bank. The distinctive features of the exterior make it one of the most beautiful cubist building in the Czech Republic.

In the beginning of 2016, our team outgrew our previous office and we started a search for a bigger office. Thanks to something that I'd call something in between a divine intervention and extreme luck we stumbled upon this building. Just for fun we called the building owner and asked around if we could maybe come for a visit.

One visit led to more talks and long story short we signed a contract to rent to building for our new office. Since our team is very passionate about design we really wanted everyone to feel comfortable here.

The refurnishing took longer than expected but it was definitely worth it. After a few final touches like illustrations on the walls or hanging flowers... we disassembled the tables and made each room interesting for the house warming party.

Here are some pics from last Friday night.

Photo Credits: Jonas Verespej

Do you like our office?

After drinking 150 Matuška beers, 30 bottles of wine, 500 drinks, eating 2000 pieces of finger food – all in 70 people, the tables are back together and the office up and running. If you ever happen to be in town, at best close to the river bank in Prague 2, just ring the doorbell or shoot us an e-mail at and we'd love to show you around our office.

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